Need Some “Google Love” For Your Website? Here’s How To Get It.


The Basic Idea

In the ever-changing landscape of Social Media, SEO (search engine optimization), and technology, it’s safe to say that there is always something new to learn. Although you can never really read it all or know everything that is happening or try it all out, the following is a summary of a few things that business owners should be aware of. As always, I’ll give it to you in plain English.

Each search engine (the biggies: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) wants you to use it instead of the other. Their job is to show you the best possible suggestions for website pages that will answer the questions you’re asking. Showing you good answers is what will keep you coming back to that search engine. The more traffic that goes to that search engine, the more potential it has for making money, so there’s the motivation for being a good search engine.

Google is still the 800 lb gorilla in the room when it comes to search engines so we will focus on Google in this piece.

The Google Search Shift

The days of simply knowing the right keywords to put in your blog and on your website are long gone. In trying to be your search engine of choice, Google is trying to better understand your search queries beyond just the words you type. It’s trying to interpret and figure out the intent of the person searching.

What is “Google Love?”


Through your website, the more help you give Google in understanding your product or service, the better chance you have of showing up in a search result in a high position. That’s what I mean by “Google Love.”  The key? Your content.  The content you put out there is the key to the whole puzzle. When I say content, I mean the words on each of your website pages as well as the articles and blogs you write.

What should You Write to Get “Google Love?”

What should I write about?The key to understanding what to write lies in how well you understand your target market. If you can answer the questions your target market asks through the content on your web pages and through the articles you write, you’ll get that highly coveted “Google Love.” That means that Google sees and understands your business well enough to suggest your website page as the answer to a search term.

First things first. If you haven’t yet identified your target market, that’s where you should focus first. Once you have identified and defined the details of your target market, you should know things like:

  • How far ahead they shop for your product or service
  • If they do research before buying
  • How they spend their free time
  • Average income levels
  • Basic demographics
  • What questions they generally ask

The more you know about them the better. This should give you a good starting point for writing original content.  If you would like help with this process, give us a call.   

Is posting curated content a good idea?

It’s my opinion that sharing some curated content is not a bad thing. Why reinvent the wheel, right? If you find a valuable piece of information that would benefit your target market, by all means share it with them. It can help you establish yourself in your field.

What you should do when posting curated content is give the information a short introduction. Tell your audience why you think this information is valuable or share with them any experience you’ve had with the subject – good or bad. Maybe you have a difference of opinion. Write the introduction, include the link to the curated piece and be sure to credit the source.

What you should not do is copy and paste the entire article into your blog as if it were your own nor should you drop just the link to the piece into your blog with no explanation.

With curated content, keep in mind that it will take your visitor away from your website and onto someone else’s to read the entire article which really isn’t ideal.

Spoiler Alert

There are a few things that can spoil great content and your “Google Love”:

  1. A website that has no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) behind it
  2. A website that is not mobile-friendly (mobile-optimized)
  3. No Google Authorship

You may have the greatest content in the world on your website, but if it doesn’t have good, basic SEO behind it, the chances of Google finding that content are greatly lessened. Please have a qualified professional evaluate your website SEO. The good news is that getting basic SEO added to your website doesn’t have to be expensive.  

Another great spoiler is a website that is not mobile-friendly. Again, your content may be top notch but people consuming your content on mobile devices won’t be very happy if your website is too tiny to navigate or if they have to pinch and pull the screen to read it. By the way, just because your website shows up on a smartphone does not mean that it’s mobile-optimized. No one is interested in trying to navigate a two-inch version of your desktop website. They leave and they don’t come back. Talk to a professional who is well-versed in the creation of mobile websites.

Google Authorship is simply a way for Google to connect your website content to you as a real person through a simple verification process. Websites with Google Authorship have advantages over those who do not.

You’ll need a Gmail account and a Google Plus personal profile. Once you have those two things, search “Google Authorship” to find step by step instructions. If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, it shouldn’t cost much at all to have a professional do it for you and it can greatly improve the chances of getting “Google Love” for your website.


New pCell technology: It may rock the cell phone world

Big changes in cell phone technology

I caught this Bloomberg video today and I thought was an important piece of information to share.    You know how there are areas where you just can’t get cell phone service?  Large cities with large populations have issues and so do  large crowds in a small area like Times Square on New Year’s Eve or an outdoor concert.  Everyone is trying to access the same cell phone towers.   The system is simply overloaded.

In the video below from just a couple of days ago, Steve Perlman, Ceo and Founder of Reardon, is being interviewed on Bloomberg TV about a new technology he has created called “pCell”.

In the video, the panel called it a “tubes to transitor” moment and I agree.   This new pCell technology just may rock the entire cell phone world.   I don’t think that time is too far in the future either.   The question will be whether the big carriers will embrace it or fight it?   It might even put them out of business.

See what you think.








Source:  Bloomberg TV

Mobile Website Seminar For Business Owners

In 2014, no business should be without a mobile website but do you feel like you just don’t understand enough about them to make a good decision about how you have one done for your business?


Join Teresa Robinson of Xpress Mobile Solutions on February 11th from 11am to 12 noon at Lafayette Village in Raleigh NC to learn more.   Teresa will talk about the importance of a mobile website, what elements make a website mobile “friendly” and the various ways you can go about getting a mobile website created for your business.

The seminar will be at  Lafayette Village, Executive Suites Training Room (2nd floor) at

  • 8480 Honeycutt Rd, Suite 200 
    Raleigh, NC 27615

Please click the link below to  preregister for the event so we will have enough materials and space for everyone.


To see some our before and after images, visit our mobile websites page.

More on Responsive Design vs Dedicated Mobile Site

by Teresa Robinson

Xpress Mobile Solutions is mostly an advocate of using a dedicated mobile site with responsive design as a consideration in certain cases.     The article below, published by Website Magazine (a leading resource for the industry), also indicates that each project is different with different audiences and end-users to consider.

We hope you make it all the way to the bottom of the article because the real take-away is in the last two paragraphs.   Enjoy!    Responding to the Hype Around Responsive Web Design (RWD)   by Website Magazine.

Is a Responsive Design the Answer For Mobile?

Is a responsive design the answer for your mobile website needs?     It’s an important question.   The answer is maybe, maybe not.

There are pros and cons to responsive design just as there are pros and cons to having separate mobile code.   I admit that I lean towards separate mobile code unless you are able to pick and choose what is displayed to the mobile user with your responsive design, especially where smartphone screens are concerned.

Website Magazine is full of great articles (there is an online version you can subscribe to.)   They recently published an infographic that does a good job of presenting both the benefits and the pitfalls of a responsive design.   There is also a pretty good evaluation checklist.   It’s a good place to start if you are currently thinking of going mobile one way or another.

Click here:     Website Magazine Infographic

To talk to a representative from Xpress Mobile Solutions about your mobile website needs, call us at 919-335-3696 or visit our website, .




Mobile Industry and SoLoMo – Xpress Mobile Solutions Radio Interview on WCHL Radio

SoLoMo and the Mobile Industry

SoLoMo marketing and the mobile marketing industry are hot topics right now.  Things are changing rapidly in the mobile industry and if you don’t pay attention as a business owner, opportunities will quickly pass you by.

Xpress Mobile Solutions owner, Teresa Robinson, was a recent guest on WCHL radio’s weekend show called “Today’s Business.”    The interview centers around SoLoMo marketing and what it means, the mobile industry in general, and why a business owner should care about having a mobile-friendly website.

Click  the link below and locate the July 13 podcast to listen as businesswoman extraordinaire, Sharon Hill of Sharon Hill International, interviews Teresa.  Be sure to listen for some important business tips!

WCHL Lifestyle-weekly Today’s Business

Understandably, the typical business owner doesn’t have the time to keep up with the changing technology.  This is where Xpress Mobile Solutions can help.

We take our clients through an entire assessment of their SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) presence to make sure they are on the proper social media channels with the proper message and a proper mobile-friendly presence.

Are you ready to go mobile




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Are You Ready To Go Mobile?

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